What's more fun that dressing up for Halloween? How about dressing up for Halloween and driving around in supercars. Yeah, I'd say that's a lot better than trick-or-treating. On October 29th, Prestige Imports will be putting on their Halloween Super Car Run. During this run, they will travel from their dealership down to Homestead-Miami Speedway. However, this envoy won't look like a normal supercar run, because everyone will be wearing costumes of their choice. Here's the breakdown of the event: 2.00 pm - Meet & Greet and BBQ Picnic Lunch 4:00 pm - Driver's Meeting 4:15 pm - Departure with police escort to Homestead-Miami Speedway 6.00 pm until 10.00 pm - Buffet Dinner, Costume Contest & Time on the Track

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When the run arrives at the speedway, they'll be given the chance to race their cars, mix and mingle, enjoy a buffet dinner and see who won the costume contest. The event will end at 10 pm. If you're interested, click the button below to register. I should also point out that only the first 100 cars to sign up will be allowed to participate so sign up as quickly as possible.

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