For a lightweight, durable supercar boasting speed and agility carbon fiber reigns king in the supercar world. The material is lightweight and versatile, making a supercar that much more dynamic and functional, not to mention visually appealing. BAC made full use of carbon fiber in its creation of the 2016 BAC Mono. The Formula 1 vehicle's lightweight construction provided the catalyst which resulted in a 0-60 surge in a mere 2.8 seconds. Not to be outdone by their own creation, though, BAC stepped up the game with a new edition to the Mono line. In fact, their new Mono is the first vehicle of its kind, with panels fashioned out of lightweight, futuristic graphene--- the first car in the world made of the material.
Strength and lightweight qualities that surpass that of carbon fiber make graphene the potential game-changer in the car world. According to a BAC press release, graphene is, "made of sheets of carbon just one atom thick, and is significantly lighter than standard carbon fibre. It is also stronger than carbon fibre, meaning that it can bring weight reductions of around 20% while being 200 times stronger than steel." This high-performance material could become the new standard in car building, and BAC wanted to make sure they led the pack.

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