If you own a Porsche 911, you have an entire industry at your disposal when it comes to aftermarket wheels. But for Cayman and Panamera owners, limited availability is an understatement. Based on the runaway success of TechArt's split 5-spoke Formula IV series, they have developed a specific fitment for the Cayman GT4 and the Panamera.

Porsche Panamera For Sale

Using the same machining techniques as OE manufacturers, all unnecessary metal is removed to offer the lightest & strongest wheel on the market. The Cayman GT4 arrives with 20" racing rubber that wears out quickly on the street. Saving the original tires for track days would be a wise investment, so TechArt has pushed the limits beyond what we thought possible. Included with a 5mm rear spacer, their new wheel measures 21"x 9" front and 21" x 11" rear. This will allow you to run a 245/30 tire up front and a massive 305/25 out back.
If your Porsche sedan needs a custom touch, Formula IV wheels for the Panamera measure 22" x 9.5" front and 22" x 10.5" rear. A clever use of increased offset, it will allow you to have 265/30 tires up front and 305/25 on the rear. All TechArt Formula IV wheels are approved by the factory and will not void your warranty. Larger wheels have shorter sidewall tires. This helps cornering by decreasing deflection, and the weight savings help your brakes work easier. For technical data and color options, click here. Stay with us for more custom options for your Porsche.

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