All Hallows Eve is rapidly approaching, which usually means an end to Florida's daily rain. But the weather was not in our favor last weekend when it started pouring just as the last cars were parked. Instead of us looking at the cars of our fans, everyone ran inside our showroom and next door at BLVD customs. A few convertibles who left their tops at home decided to speed away once the rain arrived, so it allowed more for spaces for our more loyal readers. Some of the more notable attendees were two wild Jeeps from Bruiser Conversions, a new Maserati Levante. Our hardworking volunteer Frank Pinto arrived in a vintage Crosley tractor-trailer, which made for great discussions on economies of scale. A big thanks to Dimmitt, Reeves, Euro Cycles, and Sheriff Gaultieri for making it a great show. Buddy Brew stayed open through the downpour, since their breakfast is hard to beat and rain couldn't stop guests from picking up a cup of their coffee. Once the rain ended, we had three lots of wet cars that offered unique opportunities for our photographers. Some rides can pull off the wet look better than others, and some owners were in disbelief over having to wash their cars again. Weather is a great test of endurance and it levels the playing field when it comes to judging. So take a look at the photos below and tell us which glistening ride gets your approval. See you next month!

Steve Sloman

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Shoen Tripp

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Third Axis

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Mike Nicholls

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