As the undisputed master of carbon fiber, Christian von Koenigsegg has taken wheel design to the next level. Aircore is the name of the hollow spoke composite wheels that were first seen on the Agera. As a proof of concept, the first design was purely a result of engineering without artistic input. The conventional 5 spoke design appeals to everyone, but since the Regera has a mid-mounted battery pack they decided to invest into the aesthetics for a shocking new design.

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Aluminum is not up to the task because to replicate this pattern in metal would be very heavy. Perhaps they foresee American competition, as Ford has released carbon fiber wheels on their GT and GT 350 Mustang. The new rolling stock is wider and lighter than earlier versions, which will force the entire wheel industry to spend more time and money to catch up. Taking into consideration the time and engineering that went into these, it's safe to assume they are the most expensive wheels in production. Watch the master at work, and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg updates.

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