The SupercarDriver had the opportunity to accompany a member on the delivery day of his 2004 Ferrari Enzo. Since most of us will never have such a unique experience, we have to settle with watching the collection of an iconic supercar, which is pretty amazing. The Enzo the member is picking up has only 3,000 miles clocked and although it's being purchased as an investment, the SupercarDriver host states the car will be used and that the owner will have it fitted with a custom full Capristo exhaust system.

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It starts out simple enough with the signing of some documents and some light conversation, which seems to lead to some congratulations. And then... the Enzo is brought out of the garage and it's time to get excited. Nigel, the car's new owner, fires up the Enzo and takes it out on the highway to "open her up a little bit." Check out the full video below to see what it's like to take delivery... and then drive the masterfully crafted Ferrari Enzo.

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