Acceptance letters for the new 2017 Ford GT now being sent out, as well as rejection letters. One lucky guy, Brooks from DragTimes, had his application accepted and he looks forward to adding a new GT to his collection. In a video uploaded by his YouTube channel, Brooks goes over the letter he received from Ford. In the letter, he is given different "Theme Preferences" to choose from, including Dark Energy, Re-Entry, Light Speed, Launch Control and Ford GT '66 Heritage. Brooks notes that because he is DragTimes, he will most likely go with Launch Control, although what he chooses now won't be a final decision. Essentially, these options in the letter are being used for forecasting purposes. The letter also goes on to ask for whether he will be choosing a color from the Standard Paint Palette or the Extended Color Palette, and if he will be adding stripes. As of now, Brooks has 10 days to respond to Ford with notification that he will be purchasing a 2017 GT. Will he? You bet and we're more than excited to see what he has planned for the new American supercar.

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