The front of vehicles can get pretty darn dirty, especially of the vehicle is an SUV that can handle dirty roads. Take the Bentley Bentayga for example. This SUV is regarded as one of the fastest of its kind and was built to withstand a beating off of the road. Granted, most owners of the Bentayga would never think about taking it off road. That being said, the Bentayga can get dirty even if it's just driving on the road, and that's why Bentley implemented one of the coolest headlight washing systems I've ever seen. Out of the center of the outermost headlight a little arm extends out as if the Bentayga was doing its best impression of R2-D2 or BB-8 from Star Wars. Then the arm squirts out a little bit of cleaning fluid onto the main headlight, washing away any mud, dirt or bugs that may be caked onto it. Seriously, it's a weird little feature and if you weren't aware of it, you'd be a bit startled if someone activated this feature next to you in traffic.

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