When was the last time a new car generation was smaller than its predecessor? Cars seem to grow larger as they evolve, and Porsche's latest 911 is much larger and more capable than previous versions. But has it grown to a point that it could be eclipsed by its 19-year-old little brother? The Porsche Cayman (or Boxster coupe) was launched as an entry-level model in 1997, but it didn't offer much in terms of power or excitement. After enduring an awkward introduction, Porsche has molded & branded the Boxster/Cayman into world-class sports cars. The shining star of the lineup is the latest Cayman GT4, and here are 10 reasons why you should consider it.
  1. Power: Offering 385 hp at 7,400 rpm, the naturally aspirated 3.8L was donated by the previous generation Carrera S. No turbo lag here!
  2. Mid Engine: Because the 911 hangs its flat-six behind the rear wheels, it can be prone to spinning out in the corners. Cayman's engine is right behind the seats, offering a better weight distribution by keeping the center of mass near the center of the cockpit
  3. Proven Technology: With front suspension and steering borrowed from the GT3, it offers more grip than any car in its price point.
  4. Transmission: Oh, you were expecting another PDK? GT4 is only available with a six-speed stick
  5. Price: Since the starting price for a GT3 is now over $160,000, it makes the Cayman nearly $40,000 less expensive
  6. Looks: Until recently both Cayman and Boxster were lacking in the appearance department
  7. Skinny: GT4 has a dry weight of 2,955 lbs. The last time a 911 was this nimble was during Reagan's reelection campaign. We can't think of another two-seater offering six airbags, Bluetooth and surround sound in the featherweight class
  8. Adjustable Sway Bars: Perfect for track days, the sway bars offer three settings for perfect roll control. The aftermarket really needs to start paying closer attention to parts like these, because this is what enthusiasts are asking for.
  9. Stopping Power: Brakes are also borrowed from the GT3, with carbon ceramic discs measuring over 16.1" front and 14.9" rear. Six-piston caliper are just another feature that allows GT4 to be ready for the track.
  10. Interior: The first Cayman with a full Alcantara interior, it offers carbon fiber seats from the 918 Spyder which are ready for a 5 point racing harness.
You might think Porsche had a few leftover parts from the GT3 and Carrera S and needed a way to merchandise them, but the Cayman GT4 is more than a sum of its parts. It offers the driver an opportunity to fine-tune the suspension and aerodynamics for each track with the safety and convenience of a daily driver. The next-generation 718 series Cayman and Boxster will be turbocharged four cylinders, so your opportunity to own a new GT4 will be gone shortly. Take a look at these listings from our dealers and tell us who would win: new Carrera S or GT4

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