Nowadays, everyone knows about Pokemon, thanks to the Pokemon Go app. As someone who grew up with the cartoon and games, it's pretty neat to see the little pocket monsters taking over the world yet again, and it's even better when I see cars that are decked out in a Pokemon attire. Case in point is this BMW i8 that has been wrapped in a Pokemon Go-themed vinyl that features some of our favorite little monsters.

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The car was wrapped by Instagrammer @serge_paramount and it resides in Miami, Florida. He calls the car the Pokemon Hunter and he uses it to catch Pokemon all over South Beach. In the video uploaded by Veluxity Luxury Services, the car is reviewed and driven all around South Beach, resulting in some pretty funny reactions. I mean, let's face it, you'd have a pretty good reaction if you saw a car like the BMW i8 pull up next to you with Pokemon slathered all over it. Check it out in the video below. If there was ONE Pokemon you could theme a wrap after, what would it be? Me? It'd have to be my boy Charizard.

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