Some people, like me, need coffee in the morning in order to function. It's not ideal, but it's how we get a jumpstart on our days. Unfortunately for some of us, making a pot of coffee is just too much work before you get on the road to work. Yeah, Keurigs are pretty quick to make, but for those who desire a perfectly ground coffee that tastes fresher than ever, there's Blue Bottle Coffee. This is how Blue Bottle Coffee works. First, they test out their coffee beans and grind them to perfection. These coffees can come from all over the world, including Ethiopia and Honduras, and it's your choice as to which one you'll get. Secondly, they seal the grounds in what they call an oxygen-free "dome". Then, the domes are shipped directly to your door, ready to be opened and brewed.
Now, when it comes to brewing, there are different methods, including drip, pour over and press. For those who want their coffee fast, there's the Bonman Dripper. With this method you just put the dripper on top of your mug, put in a filter and pour in the grinds. Once filled with the delicious coffee, pour hot water over the grounds and the brewed coffee drips right into your mug. It's easy and quick as can be. Check out their selection of coffee and brewing equipment by clicking the button below.

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