Movies that are set in the future always have the coolest looking cars and motorcycles. Take Minority Report for example, a movie that is always referenced when a bizarre looking vehicle is involved, hence the title. Well, BMW's latest motorcycle is a perfect example of this, because it looks like Tom Cruise would be cruising in that bad boy down the side of a skyscraper. Introducing the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100.

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This new motorcycle is meant to create a "pure, unbounded ride experience" and connects the rider, bike and outside world together. To do this, BMW has implemented some serious safety features that render protective clothing unnecessary. The first is the self-balancing mechanism that prevents the bike from tipping over. This allows riders of all skill levels to take a safe spin on the bike. To keep the driver informed about the road ahead, they will wear a smart visor that displays information like a heads-up-display. What's more? While its power unit resembles a BMW boxer engine, it's actually zero-emission. So will we ever see this bike on the road? I sincerely doubt it. Will some of this tech used in this bike be used in the future? You bet. [soliloquy id="109037"]