On July 18, about three and a half hours into an Industry Pool testing session, a Koenigsegg One:1 suffered a fiery crash caused by a front axle brake lock-up, according to the automaker's blog post. The car was traveling at approximately 105 mph at the time.

The car hit a fence, which, "launched the car into the air for an estimated 72 feet while it turned 180 degrees before it landed on its left rear wheel and pivoted to land parallel with the fence. The airbags, fuel shut-off and other safety systems all deployed as they were designed to do," according to a Koenigsegg press release. The impact ignited a small fire, which was quickly extinguished by the driver. Analysis conducted by the Koenigsegg team deduced the accident was caused by an issue with, "the front left ABS wheel sensor signal." As for damage to the car, Koenigsegg states,
While the One:1 sustained severe damage to its exterior panels and sub-frames (front and rear), the carbon monocoque chassis and airbag restraint system performed according to design specifications and protected the driver well. Examination of the vehicle at our factory in Ängelholm shows that there were no fuel leaks, no oil leaks and no hydraulic fluid leaks whatsoever, which is positively reassuring, given the force of the impact.
Luckily, the driver was largely unharmed. Koenigsegg is committed to further testing and analysis on the crash and ensures customers they will do whatever possible to make sure something like this doesn't happen in the future.