The world of classic English luxury was once dominated by independent coachbuilders. Private firms like Park Ward & H.J. Mulliner had no limits in building bespoke bodies for an exclusive clientele. Over the years Mulliner was incorporated into Bentley, being reserved for limited production & hand built cars. In a bold move that nobody saw coming, Bentley has unleashed the talents of their craftspeople upon their new SUV with the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner.

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Fly fishing demands the same level of skill and patience as required to build luxury vehicles, so this seems like a perfect combination. Four rods are held in tubes that are trimmed in saddle leather with linen cross stitching. These tubes are built into the floor and run underneath the tackle station. Hand cut veneers of Burr Walnut line the shelves which hold the vise and tools. Next to that lies a refreshment station filled with Mulliner fine china and three metal flasks. The best feature is a waterproof storage box for waders and boots, which will make sure the river doesn't run through it. The rear sill of any SUV is the first place to be scratched, so Mulliner included a retractable cover to protect the paint.

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Bentley Dynamic Ride controls 48-volt actuators at each corner in conjunction with the Responsive Off-Road system. The only twelve-cylinder SUV to offer a tackle box, this new Mulliner is ready to hit the river. Pricing has yet to be released, so check with our dealers for more information and stay with us for Bentley updates.

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