Customizing your Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador is a special moment that allows you to create the supercar of your dreams. Before 2006, personalizing a Lamborghini was a bit more involved, but when the Ad Personam was introduced, things changed. This new program put created a team of specialists that would provide "a tailored consulting service that aids each customer in choosing colors, materials, trim and accessories, which meet the stylistic criteria of the Lamborghini marque and are consistent with its stringent quality and safety standards." [soliloquy id="105241"] Now, in 2016, Lamborghini has launched the Ad Personam Studio. At this studio, customers can will be aided by specialists at every step of the customization process. They will be able to see and feel the materials/colors that will make their Lamborghini their own work of art. This includes leathers, colors, materials, seats and rims. If you check out the images above, you can get a sense of just how in-depth the process really is. As of right now, the Ad Personam program is available for the Huracan and Aventador models.

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