If you are looking for a weekend project, have you considered a Porsche 918 Spyder? Our friends at Motor Authority stumbled across this listing from CrashedToys of Dallas, and you can't argue with the price.  We first told you about this car back in March, figuring it would be quickly be snatched by the likes of Gas Monkey Garage. A true automotive tragedy is that it only has 92 miles on the odometer.
A quick glance at the front end shows that both frame rails are bent. Not a problem for a skilled technician, aluminum can be straightened and welded. The problem lies in the amount of small parts that are damaged beyond repair. Taking this damage report to your local Porsche dealership, the service department would likely give you an estimate that surpasses the GDP of several third world countries. You will need new upper and lower control arms, shocks, the entire steering assembly, windows, hood, brakes, wheels, shocks, and a good coat of wax.
Because the 918 is more complex than the Saturn V rocket, we choose to follow the approach of Apollo 13's damage control team. Let's look at what still works and go from there. Most of the damage is ahead of the firewall, so the electronics in the cockpit are still alive. Even if the front motor/generator was damaged you still have a low mileage twin turbo 4.6L V8 to play with. Last but not least the optional cup holder is ready to cruise. We like to think that no car is beyond repair but parting this car out might be a wiser decision. Stay with us, as we continue to follow the saga of car # 830. For more info on the auction, head over to Copart's page.