Earlier today, Aston-Martin took the wraps off their latest project. Working with Naval Architects at Mulder Design, the new AM37 offers the same style and luxury offered on the street along with two inboard engines. The base model has a top speed of 45 knots (51 mph) with your choice of Mercury diesel or gas engines. If you need to go faster, the AM37S is powered by twin Mercury 520 hp V8 engines. Taking inspiration from the Vulcan and One-77, the same carbon fiber DNA is woven into these new boats.

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Only Aston Martin would offer a carbon fiber cockpit cover operated by your key fob. The perfect day cruiser, it arrives with a fridge and coffee maker along with a salt water flushing head. With the same attention to detail as their cars, the dash is carbon fiber and the controls are polished to a mirror shine. In a bit of historical irony, the top engine option from Mercury Marine is an 8.2 liter V8. Mercury based the design on Chevrolet's Big Block V8 from the Corvette, an American car that was named after a light & fast British warship. Stay with us for updates on pricing and availability.