Ford has long used the GT to make a statement. Bold and powerful, the Ford GT is one of the staples of American muscle. Each GT installment represents the time in which it was built and pays homage to the Ford racing history responsible for inspiring the design. For the new installment of the GT, everything on the car--- from colors to brake calipers and materials--- is deliberate and intentional. Each color option represents Ford's racing history as well as representing the style of the owner. Five different brake caliper colors are now available, giving owners the ability to further customize their GT. Coating options are now offered for components made of carbon fiber.
Barb Whalen, Ford's design manager for color and materials states in a press release:
“We walked a fine line with the color and materials in this vehicle – infusing energy through use of color and balance while working to ensure the raw appeal of a performance car still shines through.Everything in the all-new Ford GT was intentionally designed to express ultimate performance.”
New carbon fiber components are more that just design as they play an important structural role in the GT while simultaneously, "serving as a visual anchor of the supercar's lightweight construction." A minimalist approach to color is also infused into the interior to compliment the exterior of the car so as to minimize distraction while still adding to the aesthetics. Eight exteriors colors are available, all of which serve as, " a nod to Ford's racing heritage." Though owners will have the ability to choose any color combination that suits them, suggestions for color combinations and themes are available as well.

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