America has been without a full size Cadillac since the demise of the Fleetwood in 1996. Twenty years is a long time to keep your customers waiting, so GM's luxury division spent a boatload of time and money building the new CT6. My daily driver is a CTS-V, so I jumped at the opportunity for a few days of seat time. Since this is an all new model, here are the basics: Instead of GM's ubiquitous 3.6L V6 offered in almost every model, a new 3.0L was commissioned. For the sake of economy, it has tiny turbochargers and the ability to cruise in three cylinder mode on the highway. The transmission is an eight-speed auto that will probably be replaced by the 10-speed next year. With 404 hp and 400 lb-ft sent to all wheels, acceleration is quite remarkable. This new design makes all the power you need, and does so in a refined & delicate manner. Along with a new engine, this is GM's first sedan to offer rear wheel steering. It gives the car a tighter turning radius than its competitors, and makes highway maneuvering much more exciting. Another first is Super Cruise. GM's first entry into semi-autonomous driving, the vehicle proved capable of hands-free driving with stop/start cruise control. [soliloquy id="104718"] Rear seat passengers will delight in ionized air along with four zone climate control, while they are entertained by power retracting dual 10" rear screens. Each seat is capable of reclining with multiple massage modes. HDMI, USB, SD card, and 4G LTE hot spot allow rear seat passengers to connect streaming video devices such as ChromeCast or Amazon Fire along with a built in blu-ray player. Both screens can also mirror the front display. Enough about the back seat shenanigans, jumping behind the wheel of the CT6 is a rewarding experience. In slow speed city driving, the steering wheel requires almost no effort, and returns zero feedback. CT6 aims to disconnect all occupants from the outside world, and the active noise cancellation works wonders. Almost all expensive cars sold today have some form of Magnetic Ride Control suspension, but Cadillac wants you to know they invented it. The all-new Omega chassis uses multiple outer ball joints to separate acceleration from cornering loads, and the result is a very solid ride. [soliloquy id="104724"] We were sad to see it go, because CT6 made us rethink the notion of a full size American luxury car. The first car we have seen this year with zero options, everything is included for $88,460. Rated at 26 mpg highway, CT6 avoids the gas guzzler tax. This car shares little in common with any other American built sedan, so it is worth your while to experience it for yourself.

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