Mr. Shelby owned many cars over the years, but nothing in his estate comes close to the first production Cobra. Used as a test platform for new parts and as a press car for journalists, chassis CSX 2000 is unique in many ways. While later cars received the 289 V8, this car is powered by its original 260ci engine. Leaving this car in original condition is like having a time capsule back to racing in the early 60's.

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[soliloquy id="104573"] It will be the centerpiece of RM's Monterey auction which is taking place August 19-20. Offered for sale by the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust, it will be joined by a 1965 Cobra 427, chassis CSX 3178 which is also offered without reserve. These cars are probably the most well-known Cobras, as they have been reviewed in countless car magazines, Shelby advertisements, and the centerpieces of the Shelby HQ in Las Vegas. What makes the big block car unique is that it left the factory with an automatic transmission to be Carroll's weekend cruiser. Other lots from the Trust will be a 1999 Series 1 Roadster followed by the spunky 1986 Dodge Shelby GLHS. Mr. duPont has been known to buy cars at this event, so we hope he brings at least one of these back to Florida. Stay tuned as Monterey week approaches, as we will have real-time social media from the event. [soliloquy id="104579"]