Quality and luxury embody everything Bentley touches, and the brand's golf collection fits right into that realm. In fact, the company speaks of it's new golf line as the union of, "luxury and performance with the finest in sports and leisure." 
Bentley partnered with industry leaders, Professional Golf Europe, to create the ultimate set for the golfing aficionado. Clubs, bags and accessories have been meticulously designed and manufactured. The set includes some unique features like irons hand-forged in Ichikawa, Japan, an area with a long and prosperous history in metal working. Bentley inspired detailing and styling is seen in all facets of the golf sets, from the bags to the accessories. Bentley owners and fans will notice detailing from a number of different Bentley models within the collection as well. The famous rear arch of the Continental GT and the curves of the Mulsanne are apparent in the design of the clubs and accessories. The clubs, made to suit the novice or professional golfer, include "high performance steel and graphite shaft options" as well as desired flex options based on the golfer's experience. Additionally, buyers can choose their driver's loft option, which comes in 9, 10.5 and 12 degree. Bags include waterproof fabrics to optimize use and wear. Even their leather bag option is waterproof inside and out. As for accessories, golfers can complete their new Bentley collection with "Sterling Silver Golf Ball Marker and Pitch Fork featuring Bentley knurling to give an overriding feel of luxury." Other accessories include bag towels, umbrellas, golf tees and more. The golf collection will be available for sale in September 2016, in select golf retailers. Customers can also purchase from https://www.bentleygolf.com/