If you were blindfolded next to a revving Koenigsegg, what car comes to mind? With an engine of his own design, Christian von Koenigsegg has made more power than any other production car. Although the internal layout of the engine is all his, the firing order of the V8 creates an exhaust note eerily similar to GM's LS series engines. Most supercar videos we come across have less than ideal audio capture, but this one is meant for your home theater.

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Our friends at ExoticCarSpotters were witness to five Koenigseggs, including a 1 of 1 matte black Agera X on the track with and street. With such a clear sound of the turbos in action, it makes us wonder if the Agera has any form of muffler. Turbo cars don't really need mufflers because the blades of the turbines even out the sound of the engine, but federal regulations mandate mufflers and catalytic converters. Take note of the flames during gear changes, these cars are works of art. The Agera was launched in 2011, and this is allegedly the only Agera X. It lives in Monaco but is rarely seen in public. We applaud the owner for allowing us to see it where it belongs, leaving everyone else in the dust.