Aftermarket exhaust is a matter of debate among exotic car owners. The first group argues that engineers at the factory spent countless hours on the computer designing the perfect system. But the other half chooses custom pipes for more performance and a wild sound. Novitec Rosso transformed the F12berlinetta into the N-Largo, a widebody supercar with 781 hp and 532 lb-ft of torque. With changes to almost every surface and system, only a handful were built. Our friends at AutoTopNL have an eye for spotting rare cars, and they were able to climb inside an N Largo for a few high speed runs. In a video uploaded yesterday the tuned Italian reached 185 mph on a closed runway. When filmed from a stationary camera, the soundtrack matches the aggressive looks of the car. At least we can hear it hit 3rd gear, but as the car approaches Mach 1 the exhaust becomes muted by the sound barrier. If you had an F12 would you leave it stock?

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