Last week Koenigsegg unveiled the Agera RSR to the world. Taking inspiration from the phenomenal One:1, the latest in the Agera lineup are three bespoke models heading to Japan. In a post to their Facebook page this morning, a happy customer can be seen behind the wheel with the founder riding shotgun. Asking the world where they would go if given the opportunity, it looks to be a foreshadowing of a delivery video. Always improving upon perfection, Koenigsegg has included several updates to the new model. The aggressive rear spoiler is from the One:1, offering more downforce than previous Ageras. A redesign of the roof panel allows it to be stored in the cargo compartment instead of being left at home. Considering these cars will live in the land of the rising sun, we asked ourselves the same question. Our first stop would be Fuji Raceway in hopes of beating an LF-A. Next would be the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line for tunnel action. Finally we would head into the countryside to run down a Bullet Train. Tell us where you would take yours, and stay with us for the video when its released.

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