Seeing a Koenigsegg in the flesh is something only a rare few will be able to experience in their lifetime. The exclusiveness of the brand makes seeing one on the street highly unlikely. Thanks to the internet, we've all had the opportunity to "see" a Koenigsegg from afar, and it's probably made us fiend a little harder for the up close and personal encounter. Koenigsegg is giving a few lucky people the opportunity to not only see a Koenigsegg, but also tour the factory. On September 16, the car maker is offering a factory tour in English for its English-speaking fans. How much does this tour cost? You might be wondering, right? Luckily, the cost is definitely in line with what most people can afford. $35 is the magic number. That's right, a mere $35 to see the Koenigsegg in the flesh, up close and personal. There is one problem, it seems. Currently, the tour is sold out. If you don't already have your ticket, it doesn't look like you'll be getting one. They could possible open up more availability or add a day, though. If we see that, we'll be sure to update you.

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