Some people have the rare opportunity to drive race cars. Others are behind the design and construction process. And then there are the very few tasked with the truly unique job of building race cars out of... LEGOs. Anyone who played with LEGO as a child knows the sheer euphoria of creating something wonderful and workable out of the tiny little bricks. Some people have the opportunity to craft LEGO creations all day long as a full-time job. And when LEGO teams up with well-known car makers like Ford, one can only assume an awesome project is in the works.

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Le Mans, one of the most popular 24 Hour races in the world, will host a completed Ford GT race car built entirely of LEGOs at this year's competition in France on June 18 and 19. The LEGO version of the Ford GT is one-third the size of the actual car and includes the #66 race number. Additional features include, "the same green wing mirrors and screen top visor as the full-sized car," according to a company press release. The creation used a total of 40,000 individual bricks and three weeks to finish. Check out the behind-the-scenes video to see how the LEGO Ford GT came to be.

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