The world’s fastest water sports craft combines exclusive maximum performance with a sustainable awareness for the environment. SEABOB offers state-of-the-art quality and individual design - Made in Germany. Around the world, experienced yacht owners , VIPs and celebrities swear by these unique watercraft. Even professional sportsmen show enthusiasm: “Driving the SEABOB is very easy. It is strong, it is easy to handle, it moves and turns very well,” says Bjørn Dunkerbeck. With 41 world championship titles, one of the most successful windsurfers in the world, Dunkerbeck adds, “I‘ve never been so fast on the water as with the SEABOB. And I really felt like a dolphin in the water. The quality of the SEABOB is really good. It is a high-technology toy and it’s fun to ride.”

Maritime multi-talent with a high lifestyle factor

Whether in saltwater, freshwater or even in swimming pools; solo or together with friends - the SEABOB can be used anywhere. No special equipment is necessary to drive a SEABOB; just a swimming or diving mask and you are immediately ready to go. Thanks to its easy operation by means of two intelligent control grips with Piezo buttons and TFT color display, leisurely cruising is possible as well as taking off on a high-velocity ride at a top speed of 12.4 mph. In doing so, the environmentally friendly, emission-free and almost silent electric jet propulsion powered by highly efficient lithium manganese batteries proves to be extremely long-lasting. The average operating period is 60 minutes. The serially programmed diving depth of 8.2 ft guarantees safety. With the onboard electronic system, the diving depth can be reduced to 1.6 feet, making deeper diving no longer possible. Using the same menu function, experienced divers can increase the diving depth up to 131 ft.

Exclusive lightweight construction

Thanks to the intelligent use of high quality components made of carbon, special ceramic coatings and saltwater-resistant special metals, the current SEABOB F5 and F5S models weigh only 63.93 and 77 lbs, respectively. Thus, they are significantly lighter and, with their 3.8 ft length, also much more compact than many other water toys. The SEABOB can be lifted from the water by hand, carried to land and easily transported in the trunk of a conventional car. So it’s no wonder that the innovative watercraft requiring neither driving license nor registration is convincing not only  private individuals, but more and more beach clubs, hotels, resorts, renting facilities and diving schools of its diverse range of qualities.


Founded in 2007, CAYAGO AG is the technology specialist for the development and production of exclusive and innovative water sport vehicles with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. In the production facility located in Bad Salzuflen, the world’s fastest water sled is manufactured with the highest level of precision: SEABOB - a high-performance water toy made in Germany. In 2016, CAYAGO AG expanded its reach by establishing a subsidiary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. CAYAGO Americas, Inc. offers the complete SEABOB world throughout the Americas market.

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