When it comes to tires, one would think they'd gain notoriety for their exceptional grip, unprecedented safety or one-of-a-kind traction. While Z Tyres is known for these qualities, none are the reason they've made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Instead, Z Tyres found their way into the Guinness Book of world records because of cost. That's right. The brand officially sold the most expensive set of four tires in history. This set of tires includes specialty designing, which includes gold and diamonds, by world renowned jeweler, Joaillier Prive. The diamonds were hand-selected and the gold is pure, 24 carat. The set was then finished off with a gold leaf layer.
So how much, exactly, do these tires cost? Obviously, quite a bit to land a spot in the Guinness Book. How about $600,000? According to the press release, "A price tag for four tires in 295/35 ZR21 in the amount of $ 600,000 was the Z Tyre set of tires on the trade fair for the tire sector recorded as "World's Most Expensive Set of Car Tyres" in Guinness.