Owning a supercar comes with a certain standard. You'll want to make sure you can properly care for and store the vehicle when it isn't in use. But owning a track car made by a supercar brand is a whole new realm. For a long time, it was thought the Ferrari XX models, the brand's track line, could be owned by members of the public but not kept by said members of the public. Want to drive your XX? You'll have to wait until a race and then Ferrari will bring your vehicle out for you to drive on the track, but afterward, back to the factory it goes.

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This was the popular rumor surrounding ownership of a Ferrari XX, but as it turns out, the rumor has turned out to be completely false. As reported by Road & Track, you can own your Ferrari XX and store it where you like, whether that be your own personal garage, your supercar storage unit, or yes, the factory. This will probably come as welcome news to all those thinking about owning the track car and hesitating because of the bizarre requirements.

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Road & Track gathered from Google executive, Benjamin Sloss' Instagram that one can, in fact, keep their Ferrari XX whoever they please. Here's the Instagram post, which features one of Sloss' many Ferrari XXs in front of his home:

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