When someone buys a supercar, we all get a little jealous and bask in their glory by drooling over the videos and Instagram posts of the vehicle. Especially when it's a Bugatti. But when someone acquires two Bugattis---one of which doesn't even have official specs released yet--- we start to wonder who this person is and how he (or she) accomplished such a feat. YouTube's effspot felt the same way when he noticed a Bugatti Chiron and Vision GT were sold to the same person so he set out to do a little research. First, he dug through social media to learn more about the buyer. Turns out said buyer seems to be the King of Saudi Arabia's grandson... well that explains how said buyer afforded such iconic supercars.

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Next, effspot found out the vehicles were sold directly by the manufacturer in a secret bid. So exactly how much did the Saudi Arabian king's grandson pay for the Chiron and Vision GT? Well, unfortunately, we still don't know. Effspot, through his research, was able to narrow it down though.

Check the Specs on the Bugatti Chiron

He asserts the vehicles could have cost anywhere from $5 million to a whopping $18 million. So the Bugatti Vision GT price is still a mystery.
Other questions remain, though. Like, who exactly is the buyer? How did he acquire not just one, but two incredible vehicles without reportedly having a history of owning Bugattis? How did he beat out well-known collectors? Outbidding could definitely be one way. His status as Saudi royalty could be another. We may never know, but this is still an interesting insight into the world of collecting some of the rarest cars in the world. Check out the video below to learn more about how effspot put his detective skills to use and see the Chiron in action.

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