Obviously, I realize the mere color of your car won't attract the girl you want. Im fully aware it'll take a little more than color choice to attract the kind of girl you're looking for. Let's hope you accompany said car with some style, some grace, intelligence, humor and respect. Now we're talking. But let's roll with this for a moment. Let's say the color of your car could attract the woman of your dreams. With a some research and a little fun, here's what we've come up with:

1. The Highly Successful Business Woman


She's classy, intelligent and highly motivated, She's likely interviewed people for a job and worked diligently to stay ahead of the game in business. Interview Rules 101 state avoid wearing red to an interview, because it could signify a domineering or rebellious personality. Blue though, blue is the way to go. Blue, according to Style Caster, implies credibility, trustworthiness and the ability to work well as part of a team. Choose blue and show her you're trustworthy and understand the importance of working together as a team.

This pristine, tech-heavy Mercedes-Benz S600 has the amenities she's used to and plenty of room for last-minute client dinners.

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2. The Country Cowgirl


This meadow-frolicking, horse-riding lover of nature knows a thing or two about enjoying the greenery around her. She's addicted to line-dancing, loves a good pair of boots and wants to ride through the mud on big wheels with a fun-loving stud beside her. In fact, she might drive you. Go with green for this one. Green is the ultimate symbol of the natural environment she loves and cherishes. And don't come with anything too pretty. This girl wants to live careless and free in a vehicle equally as fun. This earth-toned, green Jeep Wrangler has everything your country cowgirl could want... in a vehicle, that is.

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3. The Bronzed Beach Beauty


She craves the sunset and the feeling of the salty air in her hair. She'll no doubt serve as a bright spot in your life, and she knows how to have a good time. She's all about saving the sea turtles and can tell you the name of each shell beneath her feet. Orange is a good choice for this oceanic maven. The symbol of warmth and happiness, orange is one of the main hues adorning the sunset. It's fun, carefree and tantalizing, just like she is. She's a top-down, cruise-down-A1A kind of girl, so this bright orange Bentley Continental GTC is a perfect choice.

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4. The Ultra-Cute Tech Nerd


She's all about the latest device and loves how tech is enhancing everything from our communication to how things operate. She can tell you all the pros and cons of all the tech brands, she builds her own computers and she's in the process of putting a handy robot together to find her missing socks---just for fun. The more the better, but what this tech-cultured lady loves is how clean modern tech has become. For that reason, white is a great color to go with. It's clean and crisp, just the way she likes her devices. Chances are she's all about electric, which makes this Tesla Model X a stellar choice.

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5. The Car Girl


She gets it. The speed, the horsepower, the start-up sounds, the exclusivity of the exotics. She'll talk cars with you into the wee hours of the morning. She understands what makes a classic stand out and can pick out a supercar by make and model from a mile away. She requires something exclusive. Something she won't see everyday. As for color though, she's as classic as they come. If you're coming with a supercar, she wants to see it in red. Rosso Corsa to be exact. The only way to go with a true car girl is a Rosso Corsa Ferrari Enzo. Bring together the legendary and the notoriety for this one.

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6. The Free Spirit

Earth Tones

She's all about organic. You'll find her at music festivals and among the artists of the world. She'll tell you about the value of minimalism and wants experiences rather than things. It won't be easy to impress this one. If you're coming with something ultra-flashy, she's not interested. She has her own garden, doesn't believe in plastic and expresses herself through art and music. When it comes to cars, she needs something earth-saving or retro-stylish. Bring her back to the 60's and 70's and you might just have a chance. Stick to an earth tone-- symbolic of her favorite element. Take it back to 1973 with this retro, Sepia Brown Porsche 911.

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7. The Comic Book Lover

Specialty Paint Job

She doesn't do main stream. She's all about the heroic, but don't mistake her for a damsel in distress. She can hold her own without a problem and loves a little nerdy comic-con fun. She's not your average girl so she doesn't want to see an average paint job. She's not easily impressed by the "standard flashy", so it'll take something truly special to entice her. For this one, try a specialty paint job--- something with a story behind it. This Kaves Art Basel Edition Aston Martin Vanquish Volante could do the trick.

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8. The Track Day Girl


She lives for the high-revving, high-octane day at the track. From circuits to drag races, she's ready to roll. She's not one to ride passenger, though, so expect her to have her own ride out there on the track. She's seen it all, so make sure you stand out and make an impact. She wants to see something with a little racing history of it's own, and don't even think about feeding her a line. She'll leave you in the dust. Yellow might just get her attention. This yellow, Ferrari 458 not only has the color down but also carries with it a little track history.

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9. The Stiletto-Wearing Mystery Girl


She's a mystery in black stilettos. She draws a stare wherever she goes. She wears a sly smirk dotted with red lips to match her red bottoms. She's caught your attention, but it'll take something truly special to catch hers. She's not about the mundane, and she won't bat an eyelash at anything ordinary. She's all about understated elegance with a little surprise, though, so hit her with black. But not just any black. Want to show her something special? Show her how you'll match her style. This super black Rolls-Royce Wraith with red leather interior will be sure to spark her interest.

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Ladies, what color makes you look twice? Anything to add?  Let us know in the comments below.