The other day, I scrolled through my email as I do most days, and one particular email that caught my eye. Said email featured a Lamborghini concept that is downright stunning. Called the Lamborghini Centaurus, this concept was created by the Australian automotive designer David Williams, also known as Wizzoo7. The image (full image below) was the result of a collaboration between Williams and Daniel Gonzalez, also known as Gonz Photography. Here's what Gonzalez had to say about his edit.
His Centaurus concept is designed to be a hardcore hypercar from Lamborghini to rival the big three and their respective hyper cars (918 Spyder, LaFerrari, P1). In my head for about half a year or more, I envisioned this crazy idea of having a car on an alien planet with floating islands. Knowing this alien-like environment would only work with a super futuristic-looking car, I wanted to reserve the scene for a car that looked like it was from the movie "Minority Report" . I've been a huge fan of David William's work since I first saw one of his many supercar renders about a year and a half ago. Following closely, it was in early February of 2016 that David revealed his jaw-droppingly gorgeous Centaurus concept. Upon the first few seconds of viewing his Centaurus design, I knew I had to do create my envisioned alien planet with floating islands. I want to give a HUGE thanks to Mr. David Williams for allowing me to edit his perfect Lamborghini Centaurus concept, and also for providing me a huge high resolution image to work off of. I highly suggest to all my fans to please view and follow his work. His work is beyond inspiring in my opinion, and makes me want to ditch photography/retouching all together in favor of 3d modeling. You can follow his work on his tagged Facebook page or his portfolio here:
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