Terradyne recently attended Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale with a GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition on display in the duPont REGISTRY booth. The RPV was among numerous luxury and exotic vehicles that stunned passers-by. The look of excitement and awe by kids and adults alike radiated for miles as they walked the aisles and drooled over the works of automotive excellence. The one vehicle that stood out of the crowd was the RPV. Standing at 98” tall, the RPV stopped enthusiasts in their tracks as they glanced over at this beast of a vehicle, saying “what is this thing?”
The GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition is a massive hand-built vehicle that is street legal and built around the customer's specifications. Only 12 of these monsters will be built in 2016, each one special in its own right. They weigh in at 13,000 lbs, but perform like the sports car of vehicles in its weight range. This is thanks to the OEM drive train geometry and heavy duty suspension that's tuned to manage the weight of the vehicle. This allows the RPV to handle responsively and offer up impressive turning capabilities. Over the past several years the GURKHA has become well known and quite popular in car culture. With appearances in various Hollywood films, to being stationed in attractions at theme parks; the GURKHA has even been imitated by several companies. Make no mistake, there is only one GURKHA and Terradyne will continue to raise the bar in its current automotive segment and class.

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