Imagine having $1.6 million to throw down on a Ferrari Enzo-- which happens to just be sitting on an impound lot, collecting dust-- and being told no. This scenario isn't just hypothetical. It actually happened to one bidder looking to secure the famed car from a Dubai impound lot. Dubai is known for its high number of exotics, many of which somehow end up in similar predicaments. The impound lots usually auction off the cars, but this particular supercar is the subject of an ongoing Interpol investigation. Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police told 7DAYS, a Dubai-based news station,
“The car remains in limbo as there is a legal dispute about it. Recently an American man, who is interested in buying rare cars, offered us Dhs6 million for it, but we can’t do anything with it for the moment.”
Luckily, the lot will remove the car from the blistering, Dubai sun and store it in a warehouse instead. Hopefully, someone will sort this all out so this beauty can get back on the road!

Ferrari Enzo For Sale