Years ago, Ed Federkeil was drag racing on the NHRA circuit, as well as selling aftermarket performance parts for both race and street cars. After some time, he took his knowledge of the aftermarket industry, customer service and the automotive world and created California Custom Sport Trucks. At CCST, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, you can have not only your truck, but also your car completely customized to your liking. They offer wheel and tire packages--as well as mount and balance services-- that will have you driving smoothly and in a style of your liking. Looking to put some distance between the body of your truck and the tires? They're more than happy to lift it up for you. If you want to spruce up the body, CCST also offers a number of exterior parts and paint finishes that will take your car/truck to the next level. Take this green Jeep for example (view below). It's a great example of what they're capable of.
Of course, there's more to customizing your car than just making the outside look unique; you've got to make the inside just as special. For the interior, CCST can equip your car with a new leather interior, full surround and video system and much more. If you want a more in-depth, mechanical customization, CCST is ready to install a number of performance modifications such as superchargers, performance chips, headers, exhaust, air intakes, suspension upgrades, brake systems and more.
Suffice to say that after CCST has their hands on your car, you'll be driving away in a new-to-you vehicle that you never thought you could have. This extends to vehicles like Corvettes, Jeep Wranglers, Ferraris, BMWs, Vipers and much more. What's more, they pride themselves on every customer leaving 100% satisfied. So whether you're having a new tool box installed, or having a full blown customization done, CCST is going to treat you right through every step of the way. To learn more about CCST, visit or click the button below.

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