The Middle East has created much buzz for Ferrari as many of the Prancing Horse's cars have been selling in the area. Their latest video showcases the beautiful Liwa Oasis (and the Ferrari California T), an area amidst the vast deserts of the Middle East-- likely an intentional display of gratitude for the area's dedication to the brand. In the video called "Deserto Rosso", which is Italian for Red Desert, Ferrari's California T is depicted in the brand's signature red color, flanked by an additional California T in a more modest midnight blue finish. The two elegant vehicles glide through the Run' al Khali, also known as the "Empty Quarter" as the day fades into night.
The California T shifted from a natural aspiration to turbocharging just a couple of years ago, and the newly released Handling Speciale Package is now available. We look forward to the official showcasing at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Check out "Deserto Rosso" by clicking play below.

Ferrari California T For Sale