If you thought Star Wars was the only hot thing to come out this month, you'd be forgetting the McLaren 675LT Spider. Just unveiled on December 3, this new convertible supercar features a three-piece retractable folding hardtop, and 666 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Now, I say this car is hot because just 19 days after its unveiling, the car is entirely sold out, Autocar.co.uk reports. McLaren planned to create only 500 examples of the 675LT Spider for sale globally, at a starting price of $372,600. If you're wondering, that's $186,300,000 for all 500 units, not including options or taxes. To get you excited for the now sold out and topless supercar, McLaren Automotive released a new video of Bruno Senna driving the car and giving us his thoughts on the car. Check it out below.

McLarens For Sale

(Source: Autocar.co.uk, YouTube)