If you were given a Porsche 911 for a day, you'd more than likely take it to the track. This is because, and most of us can agree on this, the 911 is a superb car for the track. But, there was one example of the German company's most famous model that wasn't meant for the track, but instead for everything that's no asphalt: the Porsche 911 SC "Safari". Back in the 1970's, this race car was created to tackle the 1978 East African Safari Rally. This testing race took the participating cars through some of the harshest conditions you could throw at cars and Porsche wanted to prove that their 911 could handle it. Showing his Safari 911's strengths is Leh Keen in a video uploaded by PCAHQ. In this video, found below, you get a chance to see the 911 like you've never seen it before. I should also mention that this video is downright beautiful.

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(Source: YouTube)