Microphone check "one, two" what is this? The Pagani Zonda F from an Italian business. With the company of a Ferrari Enzo, which sounds amazing as well, Marchettino caught this Zonda F bringing the ruckus in the undergrounds of Tokyo, Japan. You can view it below. After watching and listening to the video, we can say that this Italian supercar is ready for whatever show it's going to put on, because it sounds incredible. But, what did you expect? Even though the car was introduced back in 2005, doesn't mean its sound wouldn't hold up today's standards. In fact, older cars with monstrous engines, like the Zonda F's 7.3-liter AMG V12, create the sounds we've always loved. While it's true the turbocharged and supercharged cars of today sound lovely as well, we will always have that special place in our hearts for a naturally aspirated engine with tons of displacement and finely tuned exhaust. (Source: YouTube)