The Porsche 911 has an iconic design that could be noticed from miles away, whether the car is from the 1960's or 2000's. This must have been why designer Kyashayar Jenabi designed the 911 Solo, an unofficial Porsche concept. Being a recent graduate of Applied Arts and Design in Turin, Italy, he took some time to design what he envisions the future of the Porsche 911 will look like. It features design cues from the famous 935/78 "Moby Dick" race car.

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On his Behance project page for the concept, he doesn't specify what kind of engine he would see powering the 911 Solo. But, it sure looks like it could be pure electric, like the Mission E, which was just announced for production. Check out the images below and visit his Behance profile for more of his work.


(Source: Behance/Kyashayar Jenabi)