Having these two powerful and rare Ferrari models next to each other is a sight to behold, but to have them in action against one another is something you will never see again. In a video uploaded to YouTube December 4th by GTBOARD.com, it's easy to see how the 458 Speciale surpasses its predecessor. The 4K clarity of the video makes it possible to see every inch of these gorgeous cars. We love the 458 Speciale almost as much as ice cream, but the F430 Scuderia is a bargain in the Ferrari world. We have quite a few listed on our website, from dealers around the nation. You can view them by clicking the corresponding button below. If you're in need of more power and want the prestige that comes from owning one of the presumed last 458 models, behind the Speciale A, the Speciale is what you're looking for. But, you better bite on them quickly because they're in extremely low production, as the new 488 GTB is making its way to streets... For more wild drag races, stay tuned to Autofluence.

F430 For Sale 458 Speciale For Sale

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