Our partnership with Motor Trend Magazine has led to the sale of some of the world’s most significant supercars. Their show circuit allows us to interact with our devoted fans and show you all just a small glimpse of what our dealers are capable of. While taking duPont REGISTRY on the road is always a rewarding experience, the best and most powerful show in our lineup is our hometown. The duPont REGISTRY was founded in the Tampa Bay area over thirty years ago, so our fans demanded the very best for this year’s Tampa Bay International Auto Show. If you remember all the way back to August, our cover car was a black LaFerrari. Since only 499 were produced, it is one of the cars you never expect to see in person. But, thanks to our friends at Naples Motorsports, we were the main attraction.
Thursday night was hot and humid, and the typical Tampa thunderstorms arrived just as Exotic Car Transport’s bright yellow trailer began to unload. First off was a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV. I have driven the “base model” Aventador, but the SV is something completely different. With magnetic suspension and an interior devoid of insulation, the driver feels much more connected to the road. Since Tampa’s finest had blocked off the roads to public traffic, the urge to navigate their cones in a spirited manner was present, but the rain put a damper on the activities. Once the Aventador was in place, Ferrari of Tampa Bay arrived with a new California T and FF. If you haven’t driven a turbocharged Cali, the revised suspension and new power make for a great convertible cruiser. The FF is loaded with white carbon fiber throughout the interior and was ordered with almost every available option.
Next in was a brilliant white Lexus LFA. Three words can be used to describe the experience: smoothest engine, ever! The V10 reaches 9,000 rpm faster than the tachometer car display, but no vibrations can be felt. One aspect that lets you know it is running is an exhaust note reminiscent of Formula 1 cars. Probably the most practical supercar in the world, all controls and infotainment are in a logical Japanese fashion. This particular car’s first owner was none other than Paris Hilton, making for a unique irony in that we unloaded in the driveway of the Marriott hotel. Last but not least was the main attraction: the LaFerrari. At first I was hesitant to get behind the wheel. Just kidding, I was excited as ever to get behind Ferrari's hypercar. Pressing the "Engine Start" sends voltage to the electric motors and slow speed maneuvering is done silently. Since the battery was on the low side, I was startled when the V12 roared to life. We’re not sure where the mufflers are, because the soundtrack is nothing short of deafening. Once the supercars were placed, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa brought a full lineup of new turbocharged AMGs. If you keep reading that twelve-cylinder power is a thing of the past, the Maybach S600 along with the S65 AMG coupe and sedans beg to differ. Including the big Benz models, along with our supercar showcase, we had six cars with V12 power.
Each year we find a way to outdo ourselves, but it would not be possible without our dealers and our loyal fans. Be sure to check our Facebook page for our upcoming show schedule. Happy Thanksgiving from the duPont REGISTRY!