Ferrari has introduced a new beast to its stable in the form of the F12tdf, a limited edition variant of the F12berlinetta, and it was unveiled to the world this past weekend in a most fitting fashion. The Ferrari Finali Mondiali took place this past weekend, from Nov. 6-8, with the marque pulling out the best of the best for a three day show in Mugello, Italy. An average of 4 press releases and videos a day were issued by the marque during this event, and among all the photos and footage of the 50,000 person crowd were shots of the F12tdf in action.

The V12-powered F12berlinetta variant is capable of creating an impressive 780 hp, and as one Nov. 8 release describes, it pays tribute to the Tour de France Automobile. A limited run of 799 examples will be created, three of which were present in Mugello that day. Two in classic Ferrari red and one in a bright yellow tore around the track and showed off their engine notes, with one stopping for a few donuts before continuing on its way. Not surprisingly, all of the performance numbers for the F12berlinetta are improved upon with this new model. A run from 0 to 62 mph takes just 2.9 seconds now, while 0-124 mph is down to 7.9 seconds. A full lap around the Fiorano track is 1 minute 21 seconds, a 2 second cut from the F12berlinetta's time. On Nov. 9, Ferrari shared a video of the three F12tdfs at the Finali Mondiali event, while Marchettino shared his capture of the day on Nov. 8. Check out these two videos above and below to see and hear this beast. If the redesigned exterior isn't quite your style, find one of the original F12berlinettas for your collection from our exclusive listings.

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(via Ferrari, YouTube)

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