Lotus first introduced the new Evora 400 to the world in February of this year, unleashing their most powerful and fastest production car yet to the racing enthusiast community. At 400 hp and 302 lb-ft, its numbers may not seem super high, but the V6 powered track car is just 3,119 pounds, 49 pounds lighter than the previous iteration. But, just because a Lotus is best used on the track doesn't mean it isn't also a potently comfortable streetcar. A video shared by the marque today gives us a look at the new Evora 400 taking on both the road and track, putting its lowered weight and increased power to the test. It has a peppy engine that'll get you excited for a chance to test one out.https://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/results/lotus/evora Check out the video below, and if the older Evoras are still more your taste, find one for your collection from our exclusive listings.

(via Lotus, YouTube)

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