If you want to hear an engine note that will literally give you goosebumps and set your heart racing, listen to one of Ferrari's XX models. If you really want to hear something that'll send you running to your nearest track, listen to that XX model take on a few laps and really put its engine to the test. A video shared to YouTube today by 19Bozzy92 shows us the FXX, Ferrari's second XX model, starting up and taking a few laps around the track, treating everyone within a mile to the sounds of its fine Italian tuning. At a few different points in the video, the FXX isn't even visible as it goes around Italy's Autodromo di Monza, but it sounds as though the camera is just a few feet away. It genuinely induced goosebumps to hear it, and Road & Track's Kristen Lee could only describe her excitement with an appropriate "Gahhhhhhhhhhh." After you take a few minutes to listen to the FXX in the video below, check out our July article about that one time an FXX, 599XX and FXX-K all got into a revving battle. You'll want to make sure your volume is turned up for both.

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(YouTube via Road & Track)

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