Koenigsegg first announced its presence at the Geneva International Motor Show back in March, but not much about this new supercar has been discussed since. However, that changed today. The marque announced on their Facebook page that a full step-by-step documentation will take enthusiasts from the beginning of construction to the delivery of the Agera RS sporting chassis #128. Set to be featured on the Koenigsegg website, the series has yet to have an official start date announced. All we know is that the end will come some time next year. With 1,160 bhp on tap, the Agera RS is an extremely exclusive build from the Swedish automaker, with only 25 examples set for creation. 10 of those were presold, and with quite a few months already lapsing between its unveiling and now, there's little doubt around whether the remaining 15 are still available. Check out the photos that were revealed during the Agera RS' first introduction, as well as the image shared on their Facebook page, and stay with us for updates on this build process as more developments are announced.

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(via Facebook, Koenigsegg)

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