More and more, automakers are finding ways to make controlling a car's functions easier and more seamless than ever. Most models offer a remote start for cold days, while a few, like Tesla and BMW, provide the ability to open windows, sunroofs and control the temperature within the car from a remote. But for their new hypercar, Koenigsegg wanted to take that remote control a step further, in a way that will keep the car fingerprint-free. With the introduction of a fully robotized Autoskin, Koenigsegg has given Regera owners the ability to open any or all of the car's compartments with just the click of a button. As a press release issued today describes, and a YouTube video demonstrates, this new feature is a practical and beautiful way to control the Regera without needing to touch it.

Through a system of lightweight hydraulics, proximity sensors and soft-close mechanisms, which weighs less than 11 pounds in total, the 1,500 hp Regera can be opened or closed as desired. There's even a special option called "Show Mode," which opens both doors, raises the spoiler and pops the hood, all at once. Check out how this new skin works in the video below, then find your own Koenigsegg to enjoy while we wait for the Regera's release.

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(via Koenigsegg, YouTube)

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