During their time in Las Vegas for SEMA 2015, the crew at TopGear had a chance to talk with the one and only John Hennessey, and managed to learn about some exciting developments from his aftermarket company. Those attending the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017 can expect to be treated to the first full look at the Hennssey Venom F5, the successor to the Venom GT. As TopGear's Rowan Horncastle reported Nov. 6, Hennessey said that a full-scale model will be on display at the show, with production estimated to begin later that same year. No specific statements about its potential power output have been given yet, but the F5 aims to take on the Koenigsegg Regera and Veyron successor in terms of speed and power. First introduced in Aug. 2014, the Venom F5 was projected to create upwards of 1,400 hp and reach for speeds in excess of 290 mph. Though it'll be based on the incredibly potent Venom GT, the F5 will be designed from the ground up. But as for the Venom GT, Horncastle uncovered some other intriguing news; Hennessey is considering going electric. Not hybrid, however. “Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren have done a great job at proving that hybrid technology works, but I’m not interested in hybrids,” Hennessey said to Horncastle. “I’d only do the Venom with an engine or as a straight electric." He explained that, currently, batteries simply weigh too much to create a car lightweight enough to reach the speeds Hennessey is reaching for. However, he holds out quite a bit of hope and optimism about the development of battery tech, and believes a 1,000 bhp electric car could happen in the near future. Stay with us to find out more about these two projects as they are released, and find your own Hennessey from our exclusive listings at the button below.

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(via TopGear, Hennessey)