BMW Motorrad, the division responsible for the marque's motorcycle development and production, has broken into the segment of bikes under 500 ccs while still providing a comfortable, powerful ride. The G 310 R motorcycle has been developed from scratch by BMW Motorrad, and as a press release issued Nov. 11 describes, it embodies everything the division stands for. Its design is athletic and fierce, yet falls in line with the rest of the marque's motorcycles in presenting a clear statement. It is undeniably BMW, and yet it does this with a single-cylinder engine. Power is a bit low at just 34 hp and 20 lb-ft, but its incredibly low weight means that power is quickly utilized; the G 310 R weighs just under 350 pounds. A steel frame helps keep it rigid, yet its low weight means it's incredibly agile. "Extremely compact and with a broad spectrum ranging from comfortable to sporty and dynamic, the new G 310 R simply opens up a whole new world of experience in its segment when it comes to ride response," described the release. Check out the photos of this new motorcycle offering from BMW below, then find a BMW with four wheels for yourself from our exclusive listings.

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