On Oct. 15, a Bugatti rep confirmed to us that development of the Veyron's successor would continue, and in a series of photos reportedly taken in Lavis, Italy, we've got some visual confirmation of that fact.  

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Bugatti Head of Communications Manuela Höehne told us in an email that “work on the next Bugatti continues as planned.” However, she couldn’t confirm the name of this next Bugatti, or any other details, saying “this will follow in due time.” However, multiple reports from sources including Car Magazine have stated that this new Bugatti beast will be capable of reaching 288 mph and have a price of around $2.5 million USD. When you take that price into consideration, it becomes all the more impressive to learn that Magazín ProDriver CZ, an automotive magazine from the Czech Republic, reports that 110 orders have already been placed. A gallery of four photos shared to their Facebook page today shows what appears to be two undisguised Chiron test mules driving around Lavis, a province of Trento, Italy, near the Austrian and Swiss borders. They credit Stefania Piffer with snapping these images, which show each car's license plates ending in "BG 101" and "BG 102."

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There are dozens of instantly recognizable design cues on these cars, though we aren't able to see the front of either in these shots. The rear does appear similar to the rear of the Vision GranTurismo concept, save for the massive rear wing and straight line taillights. Let us know what you think about the development of the Chiron so far in the comments below, and find a Bugatti for your collection from our exclusive listings.

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(via Magazín ProDriver CZ's Facebook)

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